Wessex Institute

Wessex Institute of Technology or WIT as it is often referred to, was founded in 1986 by Professor Carlos Brebbia. WIT is a major international institution that has received outstanding achievements as an independent research institution. The home of WIT is in Ashurst, England within the New Forest National Park. The campus is beautiful and creates a remarkable area for learning.

By 2016, the Institute had expanded to have more international offices such as the University of Southampton. WIT is known globally for the educational conferences that it sponsors every year. On a variety of topics, each conference lasts for two days and is held in varying locations around the world such as Italy, Spain, Ethiopia, and the U.K. Some of the subjects scheduled are Coastal Cities, Complex Systems, Water & Society, and Sustainable Development and Planning. For a complete list of the 21 conferences planned for 2017, go to wessex.ac.uk/conferences/2017 and start planning to attend one of these amazing conferences.

Wessex Institute focuses on developing the student in three core methods: Conferences, Research and Publishing. WIT prefers to aim for the progress each student makes by developing a series of knowledge transfer mechanisms. These mechanisms are used in the exchange of information between academics and professional users within the industry. It is this academic conversation that WIT believes benefits the student as well as others who are involved.

There are other activities surrounding the classes and conferences. The annual BBQ is always an enjoyable afternoon on the Ashurst lawn with many members of staff and students and their friends and family. The star of the luncheon this year was a delicious roasted Hampshire lamb, and with an accompanist, the scene was set for a delightful day.

There were four graduates for 2016, all receiving Ph.D. degrees for their work. Graduation is one time among others when graduating students present and publish their thesis. The classes are typically small, but it is an exciting day at the Wessex Institute. For information on graduating students and their thesis title,s go to the Graduation Ceremonies at www.wessex.ac.uk.