Paul Mampilly: American Investor

In 2016, Paul Mampilly joined the Sovereign Society as a Senior Editor. At the Sovereign Society, Paul specializes in finding wealth for Main Street Americans by searching for growth investing, technology, small cap stocks, and special opportunities that they can invest their money into so that they can see growth.

When Paul started out, he worked on Wall Street for 25 years, and was able to retire when he was only in his 40’s so he could spend more time with his family. During his time working on Wall Street, he was working directly with money management, and gained a lot of experience in that field. At the end of the 1980’s, he was an analyst at Deutsche Asset Management and ING.

Paul became a money manager once again shortly after his position as an analyst for Deutsche Asset Management. He managed money for companies that are widely known, such as Sears, Bankers Trust, Royal Bank of Scotland, and a Swiss Bank as well. For a year in the late 2000’s, Paul worked Kinetics International Fund, which is a $25 Billion Hedge Fund.

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Paul is very good at what he does, and has many, many years of experience in money management. He knows the in’s and out’s of the Wall Street systems, and the in’s and out’s of the stock market. Paul’s main interest when he is helping his clientele is to make sure that they have gains in their wealth and are able to see that themselves as well.

Instead of mainly focusing on the big stocks such as Google, Apple, and other major corporations, Paul Mampilly likes to look for things that not many other money managers look for. He likes to look for the companies that are about to get really big, not the ones that are already there. He looks for different clues, and studies all of the companies finding out which one is going to go up on it’s stock in the immediate future. He then will invest his client’s money into those stocks, and watch them gain profit and become wealthy off of it as well.

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