OSI Group – A Global Food Industry

David McDonald started out as a project manager straight from college to the current position as president and chief operating officer at OSI Group. OSI Group is a food industry that started in the early 20th century in Chicago. Years later, OSI Group became a regional primary supplier of meat for McDonalds to now a global supplier of McDonalds.

OSI Group was previously called Otto & Sons which was named after Otto Kolschowsky and his sons. Otto & Sons continued to grow and transformed into OSI in 1975 under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership. David was once an intern to Sheldon Lavin fresh out of college at Iowa State University.

David McDonald grew up in Northeast Iowa on a farm. He attended Iowa State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. While at Iowa State University, he was awarded the Outstanding Senior Award named after Wallace E. Barron.

David received the award for displaying outstanding achievement and high character in academics. David is still active in the community of Iowa State. He also financially supports a scholarship fund for Alpha Gamma Rho.

David has also established internships for students at Iowa State University at OSI Group. David has also won the Iowa State University Alumni Association’s Award for being active in the alumni association. David has also won the Philanthropist Award from Iowa State University.

OSI has global operations which includes over 20,000 employees in 17 countries. OSI has a net worth of $6.1 billion as of 2016 Forbes list. Recently David has played a role in expanding OSI in other countries. David also played a role in acquiring Baho Foods which is a Dutch food company that produce snacks and deli meats for Europe food service.

OSI has expanded joint ventures in South and Central America, Europe, and Pacific Rim with other companies. The vision for OSI has always been to be global from the beginning which they have had tremendous growth. OSI has expanded it’s operations with facilities in Poland, Japan, India, and the U.S.