Herbalife Embraces New Fashion Challenge

Herbalife is a company that focuses on nutritional supplements and weight management along with a focus on sports nutrition and self-improvement. The company is almost forty years old and was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes. It is a worldwide corporation that has garnered a great reputation in the health supplements and health industry.


Recently, Herbalife has broken out of its box by hosting a competition for students at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, better known as the FIDM. This program is a fashion merchandising competition to help find a new brand of fitness and activewear that Herbalife can utilize to help spread the brand message and encourage healthy living.


Students who participate in this challenge will present their designs within the parameters of the theme, production, and sourcing strategies to Herbalife staff members. They will focus on advertising and designing an entire collection and will work in teams where each team member is also able to present their own designs.


This highly selective competition is pushing students to think outside of the box in regards to fashion and also brand incorporation. Transforming the Herbalife mission and goal into a clothing line is a thought-provoking and clever way to expand the Herbalife reach and inspire creativity among students. Students are getting a feel for the global consumer marketplace as part of the challenge is to incorporate in-depth research of Millenial customer preferences into their designs.


By partnering with one of the top fashion design schools in the world, Herbalife is expanding its capabilities and branding as well as giving students a chance to learn, grow, and shine in the design industry. This is the 26th time that the institute has participated in this partnership with a global brand and they are excited to be working with such a unique and health conscious team like Herbalife.