Getting Fugitives Back in Prison Using Securus Technologies

I work the fugitive task force in my state and was recently out on the case to find and recover a dangerous thief who was holding up banks in the city and had recently escalated his activities to shooting a bank teller who did not cooperate with his demands. Seems the last bank this suspect robbed did not go as planned when one of the tellers dropped a die-pack in his bag that exploded as soon as he exited the jail. Now he goes for the vault and is using violence to get the staff at the bank to cooperate.


Looking at the evidence in the case, the only thing that I was able to come up with was that this suspect wore the same disguise to the banks and would hit the same banks in cycles. The problem was we had no way to know when he would strike again, so it was impossible to put an officer in each bank until he was caught. We had zero leads, we had zero tips, but we knew somebody knew something because these criminals have to be able to talk in order to pronounce how great they are at pulling off crimes.


On a trip to the local prison, I tried to get some inmates to talk about the fugitive, but they knew nothing. It wasn’t until we decided to make use of the inmate telephone system in the jail that was installed by Securus Technologies that we got a big break. The chatter between some inmates was that there was a person of interest who was spending large sums of cash he acquired from robbing banks to grow his drug empire. One of the guys selling drugs was arrested, and his conversations led us to a suspect who happened to be the suspect we were hunting all this time.