ClassDojo Creates App Used in 90% of American Classrooms

Entrepreneur recently revealed what it takes to succeed in the Edtech startup world in the article “What Your Edtech Product Needs to Get a Gold Star from Educators.” The report, written by Jodie Pozo-Olano, a principal strategist at MDR and guest writer for the entrepreneur, reveals that Edtech startups should focus their products on solving a problem faced by teachers, parents, and students in the classroom.

Despite the fear that spending will not reach the $1.5 billion mark of 2018 because of the current political administration. However, some have been able to receive large amounts of funding. Nearpod has received $21 million in financing for its release of 300 digital lessons. Even Classcraft was able to raise $2.8 million in funding to scale its product.

One Edtech company that has succeeded all over the world is ClassDojo. The company began by listening to the needs of parents and students. They recognized that both parents and teachers were looking for a way to communicate about students’ progress over the course of the semester. Before ClassDojo, parents, and teachers had to wait until parent-teacher conferences to communicate about the students’ successes and needs.

ClassDojo created their app to build a community where teachers, parents, and students could communicate clearly about the student’s progress in the classroom. It was particularly helpful for parents who did not speak English to talk with their child’s teachers. It is a home-to-school app that helps support students in developing their skills and sharing information between parents and teachers. Teachers can monitor student successes and behavior. They are also able to upload photos and videos for parents to view.

More than 2 of 3 schools in the U.S. currently use the app. It is also available in 180 countries and can be used in 35 different languages. The app wanted to create a platform that would allow teachers to reward their students as well as communicate with parents. The teachers can register for free and can create tailored classes so their students can see their progress. They are also able to invite teachers to view their child’s development and any other information shared by the teachers.

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