Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Amazon, Look Out! Fabletics Is Here!

If you have been following the fashion industry for any time now, you surely have heard about Fabletics. The truth is that Fabletics is rocking the entire fashion industry. It’s taking on Amazon, which has until now held a twenty percent monopoly over fashion ecommerce. The truth also is that people are now looking at things other than just the price of an item. They want customer support, a company that cares about them, and things like that. Amazon does not provide that. However, Fabletics certainly does.


Fabletics is introducing never seen before techniques into their stores. As you are probably aware, many people look for things in offline stores and then buy them online. Fabletics does the exact opposite, something it calls reverse showroom engineering. They have physical stores, but they also have an online membership. Around a third of people who come to their physical stores are already an online member. That means that whatever they like in the store can actually be purchased later online. People who enter the store and aren’t yet members often become members right then and there. This model goes back to what we mentioned earlier. It helps Fabletics build and retain a relationship with their customers. This is what is now important, instead of just the price.


This model also lets Fabletics use data to their advantage. For example, if they see that people online are only interested in certain things, they will only display those things in their physical stores. It can go the other way around as well. They might only sell things online that people in stores are showing an interest in. Fabletics is experiencing an amazing growth rate. This is because it focuses on customer relationships and uses data to their advantage.


Kate Hudson used to be an actress before she went into the fashion business. The president of Fabletics and a business partner approached her. They said that she represented exactly what Fabletics was all about. She has since been involved in every step of the way, including, of course, designing clothes. She is unlike other celebrities who endorse products but would never wear them themselves.


It’s a good idea to take the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz. This way, you will find out which Fabletics items are the best for you. You can take the quiz on their site.

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