Friday, 6 April 2018

Todd Lubar Real Estate Investor and Friend Next Door

Todd Lubar is best known for his social skills, but this is just the front door to his professional expertise as a real estate developer and helping others find a way to make their dream home become a reality. He has all the social skills to listen and respond to all his client’s needs, since he has been creating small business since, well, he was small. Todd Lubar is resilient in all of his actions. Whether he is selling lemonade on the corner of Washington, D.C. as a kid, or creating a new venture like TDL Global Adventures, LLC he adapts to the needs of his clients and carries out the task. Todd Lubar loves building things and seeing them thru to completion. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Todd Ludar loves to inspire others both with his enthusiasm and his drive to accomplish the task ahead of him. Todd Ludar has ranked well above the average mortgage originators and is in the top 25 in his class of originators. You can visit their website

In 2002 Todd Lubar opened Legendary Properties LLC and developed over 200 homes in that space. Todd learned how to flip houses before it became a considerable business as it is today. That initial level of success led Todd Lubar to expand more and more in this area.

Essentially, from this original purchase-renovation–resell of homes set the groundwork for his skills as a real estate developer. Todd Lubar used one resell to fund the next renovation and this way also develope the financial side of his business. After 12 years he ventured out into the are of financing hoes for others with his Legendary Finacing LLC. He was successful in over 7000 transactions and helped many families acquire the home they wanted. Check out

Todd Lubar’s work ethic is pure. He loves to keep in touch with his team to see the working at capacity but also to learn how to streamline work so his team can work efficiently and safely.

Todd Lubar has found much inspiration in implementing the ideas of David J. Schwarz, especially his book “The Magic of Thinking Big.” He loves being with family!

Friday, 30 June 2017

UKV PLC Investment Company

There are products that will never get outdated. Wine is one of them. UKV PLC wine producing company is situated in the UK. It is a company that constitutes a group of consultants that are well equipped with relevant knowledge. They are therefore in the best position to offer advice to wine lovers. Their number one priority is providing high quality wine in the market. They have merchants from different regions and collect vineyards from the best suppliers such as the Napa valley.Experienced connoisseurs will often get overwhelmed by the complex nature of wine production. The good news is that UKV PLC Company are here to make things simpler. These great enthusiasts will offer guidelines to novices and any other interested person on this subject. For those who buy wine for financial benefits, understanding the basics and how to make profits from the venture is vital.

The benefits associated with buying goods from UKV PLC include discounts offers to clients, full insurance of the wine collections, detailed advice offered by the consultants and also proper storage for the wines as they age and become finer. This benefits can only be enjoy by those who contract with this team of wine lovers.In case one is wondering on how to reach them, they are all over the social media. UKV PLC have pages on almost all social sites. They have accounts on twitter and Instagram. They are also available on Facebook. Through this sites, they are able to reach a large group of people with no trouble. Customers are asked to post question on their walls which are then answered by the available agents. Websites and web pages are also available.

The different brands offered include the Burgundy wine which is either red or white wine from the Burgundy region, the Bordeaux region also has a brand of its own. These are just but a few examples of the wide variety that is available. UKV PLC also carry champagne. The good thing about this company is that they observe high hygiene standards during the fermentation and manufacturing process. The storage is also appropriate and clean. This is one group of enthusiasts that wine lovers should consider working with. Learn more.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Return Of The DAMAC Owner

Aside from being a prosperous land in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates remains a place of intrigue. In addition to its immense wealth, the United Arab Emirates attract millions of tourists year-round. This remains attributed to the country’s abundance of natural resources and its universal appeal. Upon entering the country, tourists find themselves entrapped by its beautiful architecture.

Aside from having upscale skyscrapers and a tropical-like climate, the United Arab Emirates remains a leader in the Middle East. In addition, it has produced numerous millionaires and multi-billionaires. With that being said, Hussain Sajwani remains a prominent fixture in the country’s development. For decades, Hussain Sajwani worked his way up the corporate ladder. Moreover, his duties consisted of several real estate developments and other numerous business endeavors. Moreover, the Hussain Sajwani family remains highly respected throughout the Middle Eastern region.

Furthermore, the DAMAC owner possesses and an unmatched level of business expertise. In fact, his business efforts captured the attention of President Donald Trump. Moreover, President Trump and Hussain Sajwani have maintained a strong and healthy relationship. In fact, they celebrated New Year’s Day together.

Moreover, Sajwani’s wife and Ivanka Trump communicate regularly. Upon President Trump winning the election, Hussain Sajwani returned to the United States to celebrate. In addition, he attended the opening of President Trump’s hotel in Washington, D.C. Therefore, their friendship remains uncontested. In addition to his high-profile friendships, Sajwani remains an avid philanthropist. As a man with billions of dollars, the owner of DAMAC understands the importance of giving back to his community.

Moreover, the owner of DAMAC gave away two million AED to provide over one million children with clothing. Moreover, DAMAC Properties has completed around 9000 units in the UAE. Therefore, the DAMAC owner has a lot of things to celebrate. In addition to his business endeavors, Sajwani also tackles governmental affairs.

On numerous occasions, he has met with the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates to discuss future developments. Therefore, his expertise transcends the real estate market. Furthermore, the owner of DAMAC continues to expand his presence throughout the Middle East.

Learn more about DAMAC owner:

Friday, 2 June 2017

JHSF Participacoes SA Entrepreneur, Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Neto is a Brazillian businessman who is the CEO and chairman of JHSF Participacoes SA. José Auriemo Neto has invested a lot of money into the company which deals with real estates. The developed properties are commercial and residential houses that are in Brazil. As a manager and controller of the business assets, he ensures that the company interests are well served and executed by his employees. In his work, he makes sure that the properties including hotels and offices to let are administered well from the time they are built to the time that they are sold to the users.

Neto oversees the company’s large shopping mall and retail investment in Brazil. They have affiliated companies, Cidade Jardim shopping complex in Sao Paulo, Metro Tucuruv and Bela Vista in Salvador and Ponta Negra shopping center in Manaus. With his position in the company, he oversees other assets under construction. They are majorly in Brazil because the country is getting more people into the second class level of living and the poor people are decreasing since they are stepping up.

In 2009, he achieved a lot. His company signed in new partners; JHSF made partnerships with Hermes, Pucci and Jimmy Choo which are retail companies. They opened the first retail shopping centers in the country. In 2012 he met more partners when he signed up with Valentino and opened the first Valentino and R.E.D Valentino outlets in Brazil and learn more about Jose Auriemo.

He went to FAAP University in Sao Paulo. When he finished campus, he was hired by JHSF Investment, and in 1997 he was already an executive. Jose founded Parkbem, an affiliate company that gives parking services to registered clients. Parkbem became a success under his leadership, and in 1998 he secured the rights that gave him the shopping destination company, Shopping Santa Cruz developed for buyers. Netos’ focus now is on the people who have a high income.

That Brazilian population has not been served to the maximum in matters real estates. He is building shopping complexes in Brazil towns that will be fit for use by the high-income earners in the country. Jose Auriemo Neto is credited for the success of JHSF and more information click here.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

How EOS Lip Balm Is Positively Affecting The Lip Moisturizer Industry

EOS Lip Balm is a moisturizing product for one’s lips that they may not be able to resist buying after trying it. This is because they may quickly realize what good of a quality the product really is. EOS Lip Balm is a high quality product that has attained its solid reputation by providing its customer base with a product that they can truly rely on to deliver with high quality.

If you are wondering about what exactly it is that separates EOS Lip Balm from other lip moisturizers, then it may be important for you to know that it is an option that has had people feeling quite happy about investing in due to the period of time it stays on their lips. A good lip moisturized is one that should have an effect of keeping one’s lips moisturized for long after applying it. If you are someone who wants to keep your lips moisturized for long periods of time without having to reapply it on a consistent basis, and then please feel free to invest in EOS Lip Balm, as it is a product that will make your lips healthier.

Aside from applying EOS Lip Balm onto your lips regularly, it’s highly recommended for you to ensure that you are staying hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of water consistently. This will have a healthy effect on your skin overall. Contact a help desk representative to see how you can go bat buying the product today.

EOS lip balm products are available via eBay and Amazon online.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Equities First Holdings is an international lender as well as leader in alternative shareholder finding solutions. The company has been seeing more footing in margin loans and stock-based loan in an economic environment where banks and institutions have made it difficult to access loans. Equities First is increasing the option and offering the much-needed means for coming up with quick capital especially for individuals who have a challenge with meeting the conventional credit access qualification. More people looking for business and personal loans have expressed their gratitude to Equities First as it is providing an alternative solution to obtaining the much-required cash and read full article.

Banks have recently cut down on their loans, tightening loan qualification requirements and in some cases even requiring a valid reason for giving loans. All these and more has hindered some people from getting capital for their businesses. According to the founder of Equities First, stocks provide a suitable collateral for loans thus offering an innovative alternative to credit access. What’s more, stock-based loans have a higher loan to value ratio compared to the marginal loans. They also come with a fixed interest rate, which means that there is a reasonable level of certainty throughout the transaction.

An investor going for stock-based loans lowers the risks of an investment in a downsizing market. This cushions them against market fluctuation that occurs over a long period. In addition, the stock-based loan comes with a non-recourse feature, which gives the borrower an option of walking out of the stock loan at any moment even when there is a depreciation of the stock’s value and learn more about Equities First.

Margin loans differ from stock-based loans despite certain similarities. With margin loans, there is a need for prequalification as it is with typical bank loans and you may need to specify the reason for your loan, which is not the case with stock-based loans and Equities First’s lacrosse camp.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Securus Technologies’ Clients Praise the Firm For Aiding in Crime Prevention

The role of technology within crime prevention is constantly adapting and changing. And while we are still many decades away from a “pre-crime” police force or the type of complete policed nation referenced in George Orwell’s classic, technology still plays a very valid role in today’s crime prevention and prosecution. As the streets are patrolled by officer equipped with recording devices designed to aid in the prosecution of criminals, the prison system has begun to utilize high tech tools to help maintain facility order and prevent further crimes from taking place within the prison walls.


Securus Technologies and Crime Prevention


The leader in prison and inmate communication technologies, Securus Technologies, actively provides prison officials and facilities with their state of teh art tech to help officials intercept criminals before any crimes can be committed within the facility. Though not a company to solely say that they are actively stopping crimes, Securus Technologies recently took to publishing an online piece showing just how they are helping fight crimes from happening in the first place.


The piece which was published recently, contains several excerpts from real clients’ testomonials about the Securus Technologies services as they apply to crime prevention.


Within each published comment, a trend becomes immediately apparent, the services and technologies supplied by Securus have helped officials and prison administrators prevent major crimes from happening with early detection. Though the crimes may be different, one client sang the praise of Securus for helping uncover a corrupt prison official’s contraband ring and another mentioned the technologies use in solving a shooting, the common theme of crime prevention and aid in prosecution rings true throughout each clients recorded testimony.


If you would like to read more about Securus Technologies and their role in crime prevention within the prison system please click here.


Thursday, 30 March 2017

Duda Melzer Career Path

The career path of many great people in business can often be difficult to follow. Duda Melzer or Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer  is a leader within the business space today. He is doing a great job of leading RBS Group through a growth strategy that is supposed to last for several years. During this time, he is going to work on a variety of things that are supposed to take his company to the next level. If you are ready to start investing in the future, the oil industry is where you should go, says There are a lot of people who are excited about the things that are going on within this industry for a variety of reasons. Not only is the technology getting better, but a lot of talented people are starting to work within the industry as well.

Duda Melzer

When Duda Melzer first took over for RBS Group, there were a lot of challenges that needed to be met. Not only was the company in a bad spot financially, but the entire industry was struggling under new laws that were designed to impact them negatively, read more on If you are ready to take your business to the next level, you have to be able to think out many years. A lot of people today struggle in this area, especially when they are looking at all of the issues that they currently have. If you want to make an impact in business like Duda Melzer, now is the time to do so. He has done a lot of things to help other people in life and in business get to the next level. If you want to excel in your work, always make sure to think about the clients that you are working with. This is the best way to solve problems that you need to get accomplished.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Arthur Becker Teaming Bio-Tech with Real Estate

Madison Partners LLC is an investment firm that specializes in Real Estate and Bio Tech Ventures. The idea for this branch was brought up by Arthur Becker who envisioned the potential for bio-technology grouped with key economic opportunities to make a positive influence on people’s living situations. Arthur Becker sparkplugged Madison Partners LLC with the modernization of condominium real estate by taking advantage of the growing bio-technology sector. Prior to becoming a managing member of Madison Partners LLC, Becker was the Chairman and CEO of the largest digital newsstand Zinio LLC from 2012-2015. Arthur’s work in technology services can be traced back to his time spent at Navisite from 2002-2010. At Navisite, Arthur overlooked the service of Internet hosting and collocation to businesses in the US and UK.

Apart from real estate, Arthur is excited about the many different fields bio-technology takes place in. “I am very intrigued by a number of trends in bio tech—particularly in the field of cancer treatment. Although I do not have medical training, I have been exposed sufficiently to have an active interest in a number of different approaches. says Becker in an interview with Ideamensch” (ideamencsh, Arthur Becker – Managing Member of Madison Partners, Accessed 25 Feb. 2017. After Arthur sold Navisite in 2011, he became intrigued with the growing potential of bio-technology to make a positive difference in peoples everyday lives. Working for people, whether it’s in technology or real estate is what makes Becker most effective. However, learning from the failed attempts of his many ventures is what sets Madison Partners LLC ahead of other firms.

Becker believes in making a clear goal helps focus your colleagues to reach their potential. Helping develop the management talent of his colleagues has been critical for creating success. “Strategy needs to be reflective of the business vertical. In a broad context, talent is the key to success: identifying the talent, persuading talented people to your vision or that of the business and then getting out of the way.” (ideamencsh, Arthur Becker – Managing Member of Madison Partners, Accessed 25 Feb. 2017.