Monday, 27 February 2017

Arthur Becker Teaming Bio-Tech with Real Estate

Madison Partners LLC is an investment firm that specializes in Real Estate and Bio Tech Ventures. The idea for this branch was brought up by Arthur Becker who envisioned the potential for bio-technology grouped with key economic opportunities to make a positive influence on people’s living situations. Arthur Becker sparkplugged Madison Partners LLC with the modernization of condominium real estate by taking advantage of the growing bio-technology sector. Prior to becoming a managing member of Madison Partners LLC, Becker was the Chairman and CEO of the largest digital newsstand Zinio LLC from 2012-2015. Arthur’s work in technology services can be traced back to his time spent at Navisite from 2002-2010. At Navisite, Arthur overlooked the service of Internet hosting and collocation to businesses in the US and UK.

Apart from real estate, Arthur is excited about the many different fields bio-technology takes place in. “I am very intrigued by a number of trends in bio tech—particularly in the field of cancer treatment. Although I do not have medical training, I have been exposed sufficiently to have an active interest in a number of different approaches. says Becker in an interview with Ideamensch” (ideamencsh, Arthur Becker – Managing Member of Madison Partners, Accessed 25 Feb. 2017. After Arthur sold Navisite in 2011, he became intrigued with the growing potential of bio-technology to make a positive difference in peoples everyday lives. Working for people, whether it’s in technology or real estate is what makes Becker most effective. However, learning from the failed attempts of his many ventures is what sets Madison Partners LLC ahead of other firms.

Becker believes in making a clear goal helps focus your colleagues to reach their potential. Helping develop the management talent of his colleagues has been critical for creating success. “Strategy needs to be reflective of the business vertical. In a broad context, talent is the key to success: identifying the talent, persuading talented people to your vision or that of the business and then getting out of the way.” (ideamencsh, Arthur Becker – Managing Member of Madison Partners, Accessed 25 Feb. 2017.